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About Us

About the ITA Group Canada

ITA Group Inc. is a Canadian consulting company specialized in Food Safety Training, Inspection and Auditing about Canadian federal mandatory act and regulations, widely recognized as the undisputed leader of food safety in the food industry.

We provide complete and continuous SFCR, FSMA and European hygiene food package consultancy and training to contribute to success towards food safety.

Our network of independent advisors and consultants enables ITA GROUP to provide comprehensive consulting, training and auditing services to the dietary supplement, pharmaceutical, food, medical device, tobacco and cosmetic industries in Canada, USA and the EU.

Our auditors will put your current food safety system to the test in order to ensure its full compliance with the new Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR), FSMA and the European food hygiene package.

With vast expertise in food safety, ITA GROUP is the proven choice for Assistance, Inspection, Training, Auditing and other regulatory matters.

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Our Executive Staff are involved daily in consulting, training, auditing, researching, and conferencing, both nationally and internationally, to offer the best updated support in line with the latest trends and opportunities.

Our team offer a wealth of expertise and insight into pertinent regulatory matters, providing clients with an understanding of best practice applications for regulatory guidance documents and regulations.

Independent Consultants

ITA Group is proud to have a network of over 200 independent Consultants, experts in their respective fields who have joined ITA. Together, this collection of talent enables ITA Group to match consultant expertise to your particular consulting need, offering multilingual regulatory expertise in a variety of locations throughout the world.